Bringing Emerson Pride from Boston To You: What To Expect at This Summer’s June Virtual Open House

Despite the abruptness of COVID-19, Emerson is more determined than ever to bring prospective and recently accepted students an immersive, virtual experience that positively reflects lion pride and showcases the possibilities of being an Emersonian. On June 9th, the Graduate Admissions team is hosting a virtual open house, and here’s what you can expect. See you there!


When is the Emerson College Graduate Programs Virtual Open House?

This year’s June Virtual Open House is on June 9, 2020 from 11:00-12:00 PM Eastern time.


How do I register for the June 9 Virtual Open House?

You can register for the open house by going to our registration page.


What will happen at June’s Virtual Open House?

Registered individuals will have the opportunity to speak with current students, faculty, and our graduate admissions team about Emerson’s Master’s degree programs in Creative Writing, Media Design, Publishing & Writing, Popular Fiction, Strategic Marketing Communication, Public Relations, and Theatre Education.



What are other important things to note?

Attendees of our June Virtual Open House event will receive a fee waiver for their applications that are due on July 15, 2020, and more information can be found on our Virtual Resources page.


Put your passion first with Emerson’s hands-on graduate programs which are equipped to help our students thrive in communications and the arts. Dream. Create. Accomplish.




Thinking of participating in our Virtual Open House event? Check out some of our useful resources and tools below:






About the Author:

Hanna Shemke is a second year Publishing & Writing student at Emerson College. She works in the Graduate Admissions Department as the Marketing and Communications Assistant, and she is also the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Emerson’s graduate journal, Redivider. Currently, she is at home in Michigan, where she is working remotely on her thesis and looking to adopt a kitten.