Spring Into the Spring Semester!

Welcome back grad students! The spring semester has begun. As we get settled back into our academic routine, we would like to provide some helpful tips to help make this semester one of your best.

  1. Set goals: Start the semester off by setting aside academic and personal goals. Goals such as receiving an “A” in the class, saving money or finding an internship is a great way to stay focused and help with personal growth. Write your goals down, and keep them in a places where you will always see them to keep you accountable.
  2. Connect with your Professors: Professors are here to help. Don’t be afraid to send your professors an email before classes begin, to introduce yourself or ask questions about the course work.
  3. Take Advantage of Career Services: Whether you are entering your first year or last semester of grad school, career services is a great resource to use. During the semester take the opportunity to meet with amazing counselors regarding resumes, cover letters, internships or job hunting. It’s never too early to start thinking about the next steps.
  4. Student Organizations: As you get settled into the semester, consider furthering your passion with these amazing student organizations. Joining a student organization is a great way to meet new students in different programs, and to release your stress by enjoying your passion. Interested in joining a cultural organization this semester? Don’t miss the tentative intercultural gathering for grad students on January 22nd. Stay in touch with EC grad life on social media ( Twitter Facebook Instagram) for more information.
  5. Get Organized: Semesters can get pretty hectic very fast. Grad students are used to a heavy workload of group projects, reading, papers, and presentations. Start off the semester by writing and highlighting everything and anything that crosses your mind. Throughout the semester it is important to remember due dates of every important detail for class. Once, finals approach you will be well prepared to take on finals weeks.
  6. Visit the Writing Center: The Writing Center is a great resource to use during the semester. Regardless of how well you think you write; you can always write better. Having an extra set of eyes for papers, projects or any personal projects is very helpful. An opportunity to get an A on that assignment is a high possibility with the writing center.
  7. Find Balance: Balancing work and school can become stressful and bad for our mental health. Throughout the semester make it a priority to find balance between work and school for yourself. Spend time with family, friends or yourself. Enjoy a good book, go for a bike ride, play guitar or go the movies. It is okay to do something that is personally satisfying to make sure your feeling balanced.

Good luck with the semester! Stay in touch with EC Grad Life for any information throughout the semester. Follow us on Twitter Facebook Instagram we would love to hear from you!


Semsarah Faustin is a current graduate student in Emerson’s Integrated Marketing Communications program. She enjoys all things communication, marketing, and advertising. She currently works as a Marketing and Communication assistant at Emerson College Graduate Admissions department. When she is not working or at school, you can find her reading a book or listening to music.