Introducing: The Office of Student Success

Greetings from the Office of Student Success!

Office of Student Success

What is the Office of Student Success (and why should you care)?

Our office was created a few years ago to make sure that students have the support they need to realize their fullest potential at Emerson College.

While grad students have usually figured out how to be successful in an academic setting before they get here, they haven’t necessarily figured out how to be successful in THIS academic setting. As a graduate student, you need to know how to navigate your specific program as well as the larger institution, and to understand the different resources and tools in place to help you achieve your goals.

No matter who we are or where we are in life, sometimes “things” come up: academic, financial, interpersonal, familial, health-related, or even existential issues that we hadn’t anticipated. We’re here to listen, help you explore options, and support you in moving forward toward your goals when you’re dealing with challenges that are affecting you as a grad student here at Emerson.

What we are

We are professional staff members whose jobs are to care about students, know Emerson and its resources, and work with students to help them be successful here. You can think of us as student success “coaches” — kind of like grown-up guidance counselors & partners-in-problem-solving for higher education.


What we’re not

We’re not therapists, academic program directors, tutors, academic advisors, doctors, financial aid counselors, or magicians.

Why might you come see us?

We see students for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s a quick question about a process or policy, or a more intensive one-on-one meeting to discuss your graduate school experience, we are here to help you think through challenges and possibilities and get you connected resources that can help. You can stop by once for a chat or come back frequently for ongoing support. All are welcome! No appointments are necessary.

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Grad students may also be interested in our:

  • Food Pantry: If you’re struggling to cover the cost of food, stop by during regular business hours to pick up non-perishable food items and toiletries. Honor system, no limits and no questions asked.

Student Success Food Pantry

  • Student Assistance Fund: Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, the Student Assistance Fund (SAF) makes small awards to help eligible students with indirect costs of attendance such as books, printing and copying costs, film, developing, other required course supplies, personal items, transportation, and other needs. This fund was established primarily through the generous support of Emerson staff and faculty members, demonstrating their commitment to the success of Emerson students inside and outside the classroom. Award amounts generally range in value from $10 to a few hundred dollars. Interested students apply for the award through a short online application. Financial need is reviewed in determining eligibility.


  • Money Matters program: We offer free financial education and counseling through Money Matters, our financial wellness program. You can meet one-on-one with an Accredited Financial Counselor to discuss any financial topic, or participate in events and workshops around campus.

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  • Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from Emerson: Thinking about taking time off or leaving Emerson permanently? Challenges, circumstances and opportunities may present themselves during your time here. Our office can assist you in exploring your options and taking time away as appropriate. Whether you’ve already made a decision or are just considering options, we’ll talk through the choices and help you with the process should you decide to take time away.


  • Free Stuff: Keurig coffee, a massage-pad chair, and a printer with unlimited free printing (within the bounds of reason) are available for students. Drop by!


  • Tuition insurance: Tuition insurance covers or reimburses up to 80% of your semester tuition charges if you need to take a leave in the middle of a term for documented medical reasons (physical or psychological). The 2018-19 cost is $92 per term for grad students. While $92 might feel like it pinches a little on a tight budget, the insurance could literally save you thousands of dollars if you need to leave unexpectedly for medical reasons.


What if I have more questions? 

Our office is located on the second floor of Piano Row (150 Boylston Street).

You can reach us at 617-824-8650 or

When you are on campus, we hope you’ll stop by our office to learn more about our programming and how we can support you during your time at Emerson!