Beyond the Classroom: Alumni Spotlight Series

The Alumni Spotlight Series introduces you to Emerson grads who are following their passions, changing the world, and making waves in their industries. Want to be featured? Email us! 


Olivia Dolphin

Publishing & Writing (MA) 2016

I am a writer and poet (aka a professional oversharer), a copy editor for ALEX AND ANI, and the founder of Wizards in Space Lit Mag.


Describe your career path since graduation.

After Emerson, I worked retail at ALEX AND ANI, until a proofreader/copyeditor position became open. From there, I stayed with the company but became involved in video marketing, gaining the title of Video Marketing Coordinator on the Content Marketing team. I also started a literary magazine called Wizards in Space and we are a crowdfunded project that aims to create a safe publishing space for writers to share their magic. Part of being a safe publishing space means creating accessibility for all writers – we do not charge a reading fee and we also pay writers that have pieces accepted into the book.


Why did you choose to attend Emerson?

I wanted to do Publishing, and I had heard great things about the program. I also wanted to be in Boston, so Emerson was the best choice for me. The vibe of the school matched my work ethic and personality, and I knew Emerson would not only value my creative passions in my school work, but the types of programs and projects I was working on outside of school.


Tell us about your Emerson experience.

Emerson exposed me to some professors that I will never forget. Learning from professors that are actively in the field doing the work during the day, and teaching it by night, was the best experience, and the best way to understand the industry I was studying. There were also special things about Emerson that I valued. On Thursday nights I had classes in a building where the music classes took place. Being a piano player and not having access to a piano was always a struggle for me being away from home, but there was a grand piano in one of the classrooms that I could make time to play before class.


Describe Emerson in 3 words.

Creative, Understanding, Networking


Tell us about a memorable project / internship that you worked on as a student.

I had to create a magazine with a group of fellow students and we were so proud of what we created. We all combined our interests in YA books and created a review/interview magazine. We were able to bring our diverse backgrounds together to create something so great that when we took a step back we said, “oh wait, maybe we should do this for real?” Projects that go beyond the scope of a classroom are always the most valuable.


How did Emerson help you get to where you are today? 

The Proofreading class should absolutely be mandatory. I took this class, and it got me the job that I have today and sent me on an editorial path that was using all the skills I got from Emerson but in a retail marketing field. I also was able to make a lot of connections in the literary community. I Interned at GrubStreet and basically never left. I still work for their yearly conference as a Sponsorship Coordinator.