GSO Spotlight: Graduate Reading Series

Graduate Reading Series Spotlight

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Sharing your personal, creative writing can be difficult. Workshops are hard enough, but standing in front of a crowd and presenting your writing out loud can be downright terrifying! This was how I felt when I arrived at Emerson. As a new student, with few friends in Boston, I wasn’t sure where I could go to share my poems—especially the new pieces I had been working on as I prepared for my graduate education.


Then, a friend told me about the Graduate Reading Series. I went expecting a formal, intimidating setting, but instead was surprised by the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. The crowd was a group of peers—all strangers at that point—and they greeted me with open arms, giving me the courage to share poems that had, until that point, remained locked away in my journal.


During my second and third year at Emerson, I was given the opportunity to host these informal yet important gatherings. During this time, I worked to ensure that GRS remained a place for all Emerson graduates, where new students could get to know those who would play a role in their education over the next few years, and more experienced students could step out of their comfort zones (and genres!) to share their poems, stories, and essays.  I also tried to expand the scope of GRS, reaching out to publishing students so they could present on the projects they were working on, and the ideas that inspired them.


Sadly, my time at Emerson is coming to close, and as I begin to focus on my thesis, I have decided to pass the GRS torch onto new hosts. I can’t wait to see the changes they bring, and hear more examples of the amazing writers at Emerson!


If you want to keep up to date on when readings will take place, you can follow our Facebook page, Emerson GRS!


We will be hosting our first reading this coming Friday, Feb 23rd and need YOU reader and YOU ear owner to help us ring in the semester!

If you are interested in reading please reach out to our new hosts, Rikki Angelides and Reid Latimer


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Duke Trott, Poet

About the Author Duke Trott is a graduate student at Emerson College. His work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Occulum, Nature Writing, and Bad Pony. When he’s not writing poetry, he’s usually reading comics, or researching tips for improving homemade bread.