Oct 062010

Hey everyone,

This is Lauren (LP) and I will be working with Beth as a Research Assistant to the FYWP this year. We are already working on a few projects–including WebCT templates, an anthology of writing from FYWP instructors, and a technology workshop for use in 121. What I want to accomplish first, however, is a brand image for FYWP. With your input, we can develop a logo and a brand image that best represents the department.

So I have a few questions to which I hope you’ll all respond:

  • To you, what is the most important characteristic/goal/component to articulate about the department? (e.g., collaboration, staging a conversation, etc.) 
  • What are some ways to express that, both visually and verbally, both simply and complexly? 
  • How important is it to keep the department brand in line with the Emerson College brand? Should it be similar to EC? Should it branch out? 

I look forward to hearing your ideas and insight! Once I receive feedback, I will begin drafting potential logos that will eventually appear on the blog for your comments.

  2 Responses to “FYWP Logo”

  1. Thanks for undertaking this, Lauren. To me, the most important element of FYWP to communicate is our focus on writing "beyond" the classroom in terms of audience, purpose, and genre. That’s what might be most surprising or unexpected to potential students and their parents, and to others at the institution, but it seems like so much of what we do stems from that.I tend to be horribly literal-minded visually, but perhaps this could be conveyed by a logo that incorporates some recognizable element of Boston? And now I look forward to suggestions from people with less clichéd visual sense.

  2. I agree with Steve about going beyond the classroom–and that also seems to be in line with the Emerson vision overall. FYWP isn’t just about the conversations we have in class, but also how that transfers to other classes and the professional world. Developing an audience (community) and continuing the conversation (past the final draft) is something that we talk about in my class. In other words, the party doesn’t stop when class is over .Visually, words that come to mind include… connections, bridges, crossing boundaries (in so many ways–language included!), conversation, beyond the page, community (this feels important for how we operate as teachers and in our classrooms)….

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