December 2018

We hope you have had a great semester, and thank you for helping to make it a success! Here’s what you’ll need to know as the semester draws to a close.

Grading is Open

Faculty can now submit final grades in eCommon. Grades are due Thursday, December 20 at 12:00 noon (EST). Review the grading instructions for a step-by-step guide.

  • If you cannot find your courses, make sure the term you selected is Fall 2018 in the upper-right of the course selection page. If you accidentally selected Spring 2019, click the Faculty Services tab and go to Term Selection to select the correct term.
  • If you submit an F, you will need to enter the student’s final date of attendance. If you forget, you’ll receive an error message and your grades won’t go through.

Please submit grades on time. Late grades can delay a student’s graduation, financial aid standing, and their employment!

Incomplete Grades

  • If one of your students has completed most coursework but is unable to finish by the end of the semester due to medical or extenuating circumstances, you can fill out an Incomplete Grade Learning Contract with the student.
  • If you submitted an incomplete grade last spring or summer, please submit a Grade Change Form with the follow-up grade.

Both forms are due by the grading deadline and are available in eCommon, under Faculty > Faculty Tools. Signed forms may be submitted in-person or scanned and emailed to from your Emerson email.

Other Dates to Remember

Dec. 12–18: Last week of classes
Dec. 18:
Last day for students to submit spring directed study proposals to department chairs
Jan. 14: First day of classes for the spring semester

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