September 2015


The Registrar’s Office is delighted to welcome you—or welcome you back—to Emerson for the Fall 2015 semester. We’re here to help you no matter how you serve students. Whether you need to verify a student’s schedule, reserve a classroom or grant a registration permission, we’ve got answers!

Also, check out the Registrar website! It’s a great resource where you can find Registrar policies, forms, instructions, calendars, and the final exam schedule.

Registration Permissions

When a student doesn’t meet the requirements for a course, or the course is full, they may ask for permission to register for that course.

Who can grant registration permissions?

Review the Granting Registration Permissions chart to determine which permissions you can grant. Bear in mind that students may need permission from more than one person if there are multiple restrictions for a course.

What are the steps?

  1. A student will request your permission to join a course.
  2. Use the Granting Registration Permissions chart to confirm that you can grant the permission they’ve requested.
  3. If you grant the permission, notify your appropriate Department Assistant via email.
  4. The Department Assistant will apply the permission to the student’s account and notify you and the student via email. This email will direct the student to register online.
  5. Once the student receives this email, it is their responsibility to register for the course—it is not automatically added to their schedule.

See the instructions for Granting Registration Permissions for more details.

Fall 2015 Waitlist Update

Waitlists for Fall 2015 are no longer active as of 5:00 p.m., August 28th. Students may register for open seats in courses on a first-come, first-served basis.

Unrestricted vs. Restricted Add/Drop

Unrestricted Add/Drop (Sept. 2 – 9): All students may add and drop courses freely online.

Restricted Add/Drop (Sept. 10 – 16): Students must have instructor permission applied to their accounts to add any course online. Students may still drop courses.

Review your Roster

All faculty should log in toeCommon to review their course roster(s).This is theonly official, accurate roster. It’s updated in real-time, so you always know when students are adding and dropping your courses.

Is there someone on your list who isn’t coming to class, or is someone attending your class who isn’t the list? Tell us!

This is the roster of students you will have to grade at the end of the term. Help us to help your students by correcting all discrepancies now.

FERPA – Our Legal Responsibility

Please review the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act information and complete the FERPA tutorial. It’s a good practice to begin every semester reacquainting yourself with FERPA.

Quick Links:

Fall 2015 Academic Calendar
Granting Registration Permissions
Accessing Class Lists and Posting Office Hours
Using DegreeWorks

Dates to Remember

Sept 2: First Day of Classes
Sept 2-9: Unrestricted Add/Drop
Sept 9: Last Day to Register for a Fall Internship
Sept 10-16: Restricted Add/Drop
Sept 17: Course Withdrawal Period Begins

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