Update Regarding Piano Row Suite Retrofit Project


In response to many questions and concerns regarding the retrofits taking place to some suites in Piano Row, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some updates on that project.

As you may have heard the College is putting the finishing touches on the new Student Dining Center on Boylston Street and the residence hall at 2 Boylston Place. Both will open on schedule, ready for students returning this fall. At the same time, renovations are fully underway on the Little Building and resulting in a decrease in capacity. As a result the College has identified a plan to temporarily increase housing spaces on campus for the next two years.  After much review it was decided to increase some 6-person suites in Piano Row to 8-person suites so that we could house the additional students without having to “temp triple” / “force triple” doubles or house students in common lounges (making them unavailable for use).  Piano Row was selected since it is the only residence hall on campus that has suites that contain a “living room.”   I have included photos of the work being done so you can see the spaces.  We are also updating Piano Row floor plans and those will be available shortly.  There are 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-person suites in Piano Row, some of which have already been selected by sophomores returning to college housing in the fall. Piano Row still has five shared common lounges throughout the building for students to access.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss this further.  I look forward to working with you and your students when they return to campus this fall.

Erik Muurisepp

Associate Dean for Campus Life


617.824.8357 – direct line

Counter in entrance space of a Piano Row suite (all types).

Corridor of 8-person suite in Piano Row (with new double room through the door on right side, counter at entrance on the left)

Interior of double room in 8-person suite in Piano Row (furniture will be removed and replaced with traditional residence hall room pieces)


Double room in 6-person suite in Piano Row

Double room in 6-person suite in Piano Row

Kitchenette area in Common Lounge areas for all residents to use.   There will be five of these spaces throughout the residence hall.  

Kitchenette area in Common Floor Lounge (along with seating area to the right).   There are five of these spaces throughout the building for resident use.

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