Kimball Receives Advisor of the Year Award, Raynauld Interviewed on Canadian Radio Stations, Kent State Survivor Speaks at Emerson

spencer kimball advisor of the year award ecps emerson

Prof. Spencer Kimball receives the Advisor of the Year award with several key members of the Emerson College Polling Society

Kimball Named Advisor of the Year, ECPS’ New York Poll Most Accurate in Nation

Emerson Prof. Spencer Kimball received honors for Advisor of the Year award this past week at the Emerson Recognition and Achievement (ERA) awards night. It has been an active year for Kimball as both a full time professor and advisor to the Emerson College Polling Society (ECPS) that has been heralded for it’s accuracy in predicting Caucuses and Primaries by various political influencers such as Bill Oreilly, MSNBC, CNN and the Wall Street Journal. Just last week, the poll conducted by ECPS for the New York Primary received acclaim for being the most predictive and accurate of any poll in the country. The ECPS is one of the fastest growing student organizations on Emerson’s campus and its success and rising popularity is only possible thanks to Kimball’s great teaching and leadership. Congratulations to Spencer and the ECPS!

Kent State Survivor and Iconic Victim’s Mother Attend Emerson Book Signing

kent state survivor speaks at emerson college

Elaine Miller Holstein, mother of Jeff Miller who was killed at Kent State in 1970, was a special guest, along with her son Russell and grandson, Jeff,  at the book signing event at Emerson for Kent State survivor Tom Grace this past Wednesday.  Grace expounded on the thesis in  Kent State: Death and Dissent in the Long 60’s, in the Husam Al Gosaibi Lecture moderated by Prof. Michael Weiler with a poetry performance by Prof. John Anderson.  Ms. Holstein praised the work of Prof. Gregory Payne, whose work on Kent State includes his dissertation, a book, a play and screenplay, for his efforts to focus on the unanswered questions of the shootings, described by the President’s Commission on Campus Unrest as occurring “in the most divisive time in American history since the Civil War.

Prof. Raynauld Featured on Canadian Radio Stations, Offers Insight on Democratic Party

The U.S. Presidential election campaign is generating a lot of interest north of the border. Recently, Prof. Vincent Raynauld – Assistant Professor specializing in political communication and social media in the Department of Communication Studies – gave interviews to local radio stations across Canada on the Democratic presidential race. He offered insights on Bernie Sanders’ attacks on the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as the potential repercussions of these tactics on his presidential campaign and, from a broader perspective, on the entire Democratic Party. Canada is the largest trading partner of the United States and the outcome of the presidential race could have significant impacts on its economy and its visibility around the world.

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