Emerson Comm Studies Prepares for Bird Street Event “What’s Your Dream”, 2nd Annual Algosaibi Lecture Ahead, ECPS Poll Named Best by Political Pundits

3rd Annual Emerson “What’s Your Dream” Project Commences

emerson what's your dream bird street project The Emerson Bird Street Civic Engagement Project, dedicated to empowering at-risk youth to become change ambassadors, launched the third annual “What’s Your Dream” speech contest this week.

The competition challenges
and inspires Boston Public School youth to develop a personal essay detailing their unique aspirations and dreams, inspired by a painting of three prominent black leaders – Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Man
dela and Barack Obama.

The contest bridges the college’s multiple civic engagement efforts, with the Emerson Bird Street Civic Engagement Project as well as the Rediscover Rosarito endeavor.

The top speeches will be presented in a final celebration in the President’s Room, Iwasaki Library, on the Emerson College campus. Essays and speeches will be judged by a panel that in the past has included prominent members of the community and Mayor Menino. The first, second and third place essayists will receive prizes for their efforts.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the third annual ‘What’s Your Dream’ essay contest because it provides an opportunity for BPS students to communicate their unique perspectives, hopes and dreams through communication, which is essential to expression,” said Neil Harris, an education coordinator at Bird Street Community Center, a BPS teacher and co-founder of the Emerson Bird Street Civic Engagement Project. “The project provides the opportunity for the Bird Street students to realize the crucial importance of communication and education for success in life.”

For more details and updates on the essay competition, please visit the Emerson College Communication Studies website

2nd Annual Algosaibi Lecture Less Than Two Weeks Away

Tom Grace Kent State Emerson Event Poster

Emerson Comm Studies is excited for the approaching Husam Algosaibi Political Communication Public Diplomacy Lecture. The lecture honors Husam Algosaibi, a ’98 MA alumus of the Political Communication program at Emerson College who along with Prince Faisal Al Saud founded the Saudi American Exchange in 2001, the first grass-roots people to people public diplomacy project after 9/11, and a founding member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Graduating from Emerson, Husam returned to the Middle East where he was a successful businessman and advocate for social justice. After his untimely passing last year, his family established this lecture and public diplomacy award to continue his legacy of human rights and global civic engagement. In attendance will be author and Kent State shootings survivor Thomas Grace as well as Emerson Professors John Anderson and Michael Weiler. The event will take place on  April 20th from 7-8 pm in the Beard Room.

ECPS Media Acclaim Reaches New Heights for Stellar Polling

It was an exciting week for the Emerson College Polling Society who continued to receive mass media recognition for exemplary polling methodology in the 2016 presidential race. Among the many outlets that have covered ECPS’s polls recently was Bill Oreilly who named Emerson’s Democratic poll for Wisconsin the best by any polling organization. This consistent acclaim has become the norm for the ECPS in large part due to the innovative polling methodologies practiced by the organization and the strong engagement from political communication students.

emerson college polling society

Following his recent TV appearance on MSNBC, ECPS Advisor Spencer Kimball offered insight on the success of the society in recent weeks and the key takeaways of the presidential race. “I can confidently say that, with regard to our cross tabbing on this recent poll, Wisconsin was our best performance yet from a prediction standpoint,” said Kimball, speaking to the society’s accurate prediction that Sen. Bernie Sanders would poll well with women in Wisconsin. “This is a crazy time to be in political polling. The New York race is changing as quickly as the erratic weather we’ve been having. Last week, Clinton was up by 50 points in her home state and now updated data shows she’s only up by 12. Unbelievable.”

Kimball and the ECPS confirm that Sen. Sanders may have a chance to pull off an upset in the Empire State in what would be a devastating blow to Secretary Clinton’s campaign.

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