Comm Studies News: ESPN President Makes a Splash at Jaffe Sports Comm Lecture, 6 New Courses Announced for Fall, ECLA Students will Participate in CA Primary

ESPN President John Skipper and Former Talent Al Jaffe Lead Emerson Sports Comm Lecture


al jaffe sports comm emerson college

Al Jaffe, former ESPN on-air talent and Emerson alum, played a pivotal role in leading Emerson’s Sports Communication Lecture Series.

ESPN president John Skipper at Emerson College

John Skipper, President of ESPN, made an appearance for Emerson’s Sports Communication Lecture Series














A hotly anticipated event for the spring semester, the Al Jaffe Speaker Series proved to be a big success in establishing Emerson’s new and developing sports communication program and major. Former ESPN talent and Emerson alum Al Jaffe teamed up with ESPN president John Skipper to discuss the role of sports in journalism and communication.

The pair were able to offer valuable insights from inside the walls of one of the world’s greatest sports networks to a group of heavily sports-enthused Emerson students and professors. Following the event, a group of students in sports communication are now laying out a social media campaign to build upon the growing momentum around Emerson’s sports comm program by using the legacy value of the ESPN event to draw attention and media recognition.

Record Number of New Courses Announced for Emerson Fall Semester

New fall courses for Fall semester of 2016 were announced this week for Emerson’s School of Communication. Of the 14 total new classes announced by the combined four majors (Journalism, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Marketing Communication and Communication Studies), the department of Comm Studies alone announced the following 6 new courses:

  • CC 337: Sports Media
  • CC 372: Guerrilla Public Relations
  • CC 372: Mental Health, the Media, and Public Policy
  • CC 471: Presidential Politics: General Election
  • CC 471: Speechwriting and Thought Leadership
  • CC 471: Digital Storytelling

“This record number of added courses exemplifies the department’s goal to tailor our curriculum to the real world in order to provide students with substantive knowledge and training in areas that are pivotal in today’s modern, digital age,” said Dr. Gregory Payne, Chair of Communication Studies.

Emerson Prof. Spencer Kimball and CNN Veteran Bill Schneider to Co-Teach at ECLA

Perhaps one of Emerson’s most exciting student opportunities will come this summer where students will have the opportunity to study the California primary amidst a class that will be taught by Prof. Spencer Kimball and CNN legend Bill Schneider. The course will be taught at Emerson’s Los Angeles Campus (ECLA) and will allow students to have a hands-on involvement in the primary voting. “I am honored and excited to co-teach this very relevant course with an award-winning journalist and political expert in Bill Schneider,” said Spencer Kimball, Emerson Professor and Advisor to Emerson’s Polling Society. “The California Primary will be a key deciding factor for the presidential nomination for both parties and I am confident this class will offer valuable insight to students interested in political communication and polling.”

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