Comm Studies News: Barcelona Trip Commences, Emerson Students Launch Brand to Help Children with Cancer

It’s been a busy week in the department of Communication Studies here at Emerson following a politically charged Super Tuesday that came with great recognition for Emerson’s Polling Society that has continued to impress with accurate voter predictions. However in addition to the political attention Emerson has garnered as of late, other students and faculty are pursuing some exciting projects and events and we’ve got the breakdown in this week’s Department News Report.

Students Travel to Barcelona, Libson for Global Sports Conference and P.R. Workshop

Fifteen students will journey to Barcelona over spring break for the second Emerson Blanquerna Sports Communication and Global Public Relations Workshop during spring break where they will visit sports communication public relations firms, BARCA soccer, BARCA basketball, and Olympic venues and organizations as well as the Catalan Parliament and City Hall.  A major theme will be sports as soft power in connecting cultures locally and globally.  The group also will visit museums and artifacts of the world famous artists – Gaudi, Miro, Picasso, Dali –  who distinguish Barcelona as one of the most colorful cities in the world.

blanquerna university emerson college 2016

Blanquerna University, located in Barcelona, Spain, is a sister school of Emerson College.

The sports com trip marks the second Emerson delegation to visit Blanquerna, our sister school that now offers Emerson students the opportunity to study for a semester in Barcelona.  In October, Emerson faculty and students traveled to Catalonia to participate in the first collaborative joint conference on public diplomacy featuring students and faculty from both schools, known globally for their excellence in communication.  Two years ago marked the first Global Sports Communication Workshop in Barcelona when 10 students visited Puma as well as other sports related firms and venues.  The relationship between Emerson and Blanquerna began in 1992 when 20 Emerson students visited Barcelona for a special seminar on the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

“We look forward to hosting the Emerson students once again because Blanquerna is your European home,” remarked Prof. Enric Ordeix, who will oversee the Sports Com and PR Workshop.  Prof. Gregory Payne, Chair of Communication Studies, will accompany the Emerson students

Emerson Launches Love Your Melon Campus Team To Help Children With Cancer

20 members of Emerson College have recently started a Love Your Melon Campus Crew! Love Your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students across the country on a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America.Emerson’s Campus Crew gains credit every time a customer selects “Emerson College Campus Crew” that they support at checkout. In order to get involved with this great campaign and student led effort, please follow the Campus Crew’s social media either on Facebook (Emerson Love Your Melon Campus Crew), Twitter ( @emersonLYMcrew) or Instagram (@emerson_loveyourmelon).
Furthermore, please visit the Love Your Melon website and if you do choose to make a purchase, please select Emerson Campus Crew at checkout (on the left side towards the bottom of the page) so that our hard working students can get credit for their work.

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