Emerson Prepares for Super Tuesday, Receives Media Acclaim for Polls

With Super Tuesday right around the corner, Emerson Comm Studies is locking in on various state races that may prove to be deciding factors for the future of various candidate’s presidential bids. The Emerson College Polling Society (ECPS), which has received national media attention for its accuracy in predicting the Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire Primary and Nevada Caucus, is conducting new polls in various states.

emerson political communication polling society

Super Tuesday’s Polling Insight Courtesy of Spencer Kimball

Prof. Spencer Kimball, advisor to the ECPS, sees Super Tuesday as decisive in weeding out more candidates and an opportunity- maybe the last for another candidate to stop the momentum of real estate businessman and celebrity Donald Trump. Emerson Communication Studies as a whole is excited for the voting to begin Tuesday morning when the ballots will open for both parties in 12 states – including Emerson’s local state of Massachusetts. ECPS has been very active in the presidential race thus far and will continue to play a role as a trusted source for voter opinion on Tuesday with many new poll releases soon to come. Let’s check in with Kimball’s latest for Tuesday’s poll results. According to the college’s resident polling guru,

“The crystal ball is showing an interesting voter forecast for Tuesday. In Texas, it looks like Cruz will hold his lead in Texas by 3-5 points despite Trump’s recent surge in the south. Bernie, on the other hand, is struggling in Texas and is getting hurt badly by the African-American vote. Clinton is leading big down south and has a safe lead over Sanders in MA as well. Things look promising for her campaign. On the GOP front, the real question is this: can Trump reach the 50% delegate notch tomorrow or will he fall short and only get a proportion of the delegates? The answer to this key inquiry is still uncertain.”

Recent acclaim for Emerson’s polls came during the South Carolina Primary from the Washington Post and MSNBC as well as during the recent Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary from Time, NECN, CNN, the Hill and many others. To learn more about the ECPS and their impressive methodology, be sure to contact Spencer Kimball.

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