Comm Studies News: Globe Com Around the Corner, Bangkok Conference a Big Success, Students Prepare for IABD

Emerson student and professor Raynauld present at Bangkok conference

In our first ever Emerson Communication Studies News Report, we cover the department’s recent coverage and some upcoming events that you should know about. Emerson’s research presentation in Bangkok, the upcoming IABD event and the student engagement project for Globe Com in Germany are the top department headlines from the week.

Prof. Raynauld and Student Present Research in Bangkok, Thailand

A few weeks prior, Professor Vincent Raynaud and Political Communication Student Alexandra Howard made headlines in Thailand at the end of January while representing Emerson at the Cross-Cultural Communication Conference. In addition to Emerson, the international conference included participants such as Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok), Zayed University (Dubai) and the Bianquerna School of Communication (Barcelona). “The Cross-Cultural Communication Conference enabled me to receive extremely valuable feedback on my work as I am readying my paper for publication” said Raynauld, a political communication scholar and assistant professor at Emerson. “I was also able to meet and discuss culture and politics with a lot of very interesting experts from all over the world who gave me ideas for future work.” In addition to political and social sciences, Raynauld studies the impact of Twitter on social movements as well as crisis communication.

Emerson To Begin Globe Com Project as Returning U.S. Representative

For the eleventh year of participation, Emerson students will commence the Globe Com Project next week, involving 15 universities from around the world to collaborate on a campaign.  A founding member of this international student engagement affair, Emerson College will be part of 9 virtual teams, each of which will develop a strategic campaign after receiving a brief and consultation with a global client.  Working virtually for the remainder of the term, these teams work out strategies and tactics and present their final campaigns to judges in late April.  Top teams will present in Abu Dhabi, May 21 – 24.

Last year, Emerson proudly represented the winning team which produced a campaign on nation branding with emphasis on tourism and ecology, with 12 students traveling to Borneo the year before.   The year prior, Emerson hosted over 100 students and 25 faculty in Boston in the largest global event in the College’s history.  Learn more about Globe Com and review the 2014 conference held at Emerson in Boston.

Communication Studies Students and Faculty to Present at IABD Conference in Las Vegas

Over 25 Emerson students and 8 faculty will present papers and projects at the International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD) Conference in Las Vegas from March 31st to April 2nd. Comm Studies students also will make up the Emerson IABD Press Team, covering the speakers, panels and activities of the conference. Topics of the Emerson contributors include political communication, diplomacy, health communication, polling, public relations , public affairs, crisis communication, journalism, among others. If you would like to get involved with IABD and want to register, check out the conference requirements.

What’s Next for Comm Studies

  • Lisbon/Barcelona Sports Communication and Global PR Workshop – Begins March 3rd
  • Helen Rose Room Rededication – March 18th
  • Student Trip to Wisconsin Primary – April 5th

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