Emerson Students, Polling Society Have Impact in Iowa, New Hampshire

If you have been following the Presidential race closely in recent weeks, you probably have seen the name Emerson featured in various media outlets such as CNN, NYTimes and FiveThirtyEight. Ever since Emerson became a trusted source of credible polling insight thanks to its active and accurate Polling Society, the political realm of Emerson’s Commspencer kimball at new hampshire primary emersonunication Studies program has been given the spotlight.

“Primary and caucus polls are notorious for being some of the most difficult data sets to accurately predict” said Spencer Kimball, Emerson professor and Adviser of Emerson’s Polling Society. “Primaries are very fluid events where many voters make up their minds on their way to the polls and with the record-breaking voter turnout seen on both the Democratic and GOP front due to celebrity names in politics, these voter events were some of the most complex that I have seen.”

In addition to submitting polls as a method of engaging with the presidential race, Emerson has been sending groups of students to the early primaries and caucuses to experience the events and meet the candidates face to face.

Emerson Students, Alums and Faculty- A Photo Journal from Iowa and NH

Join us on a photo recap of the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary through the eyes of some of Emerson’s most politically motivated students. Expect nostalgia, excitement, student campaigning and a great number of familiar faces. On the Republican front, some of the GOP’s biggest names were paired with various Emerson Students in Iowa and New Hampshire. It’s hard to know which of the following Emersonians were most excited next to some of their favorite presidential candidates.

emerson comm studies students with jeb bush new hampshireemerson comm studies student with ted cruzemerson student christian with marco rubio new hampshire primary

On the Democratic front, a number of Emerson students from a range of grades and majors got to meet their prospective political idols while touring the events in Iowa and New Hampshire. This student engagement project was certainly a hands on effort by Emerson to give students a chance to experience a true and dynamic political atmosphere before entering the working world and doing so under professional campaign scenarios.

emerson student susannah kay with bernie sanders

Overjoyed Emerson student Susannah Kay meets her political hero Bernie Sanders at the Iowa Caucus

emily quinn emrson student with hillary clinton at iowa caucus

Freshman Communication Studies Major at Emerson College Emma Quinn is thrilled to snap a shot with Secretary Clinton

“I think what we came away with from both Iowa and New Hampshire was a very proud sentiment and pathway” said Dr. Gregory Payne, the Chair of Emerson’s Communication Studies department. “Whether you’re a freshman like Emma or a senior like Susannah, these two experiences were a phenomenal starting off point for any student excited about political communication and a major opportunity to have a real impact on your college’s legacy as a student.” Dr. Payne travelled to both New Hampshire and Iowa, acting as a key organizer of these student engagement projects.

Dr. Payne, Prof Kimball and Professor Keri Thompson were 3 members of Emerson’s faculty that worked to lead the effort.During and following the caucus and primary, various outlets have covered Emerson’s impact. Check out the latest podcast with Brett Winterble on the presidential race and gain early insights from Emerson’s latest poll release. For data reports and political insights, check out Emerson Polling Society’s latest press releases and check out Brett Winterble’s interview with Spencer Kimball.


emerson students with john kasich new hampshire

emerson student emma friend with marco rubio at Iowa caucustwo emerson students campaign for presidential candidates

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