Students Overwhelmingly See Value in Emerson’s Public Speaking Course

BOSTON – As the only four-year institution dedicated exclusively to communication and the performing arts, Emerson College attracts students that are exceptionally adept at expressing themselves. However, student surveys have revealed that an overwhelming number of students see value in the school’s public speaking course. The course, entitled CC100: Fundamentals of Speech Communication, is required of all Emerson students.

emerson comm studies top public speaking course“Students overwhelming felt that this course improved their oral communication and their ability to deliver presentations in a variety of situations,” said Jane Pierce-Saulnier, Director of the CC100 Program. “This is critically important as communication is continuously cited by employers as one of the skills in highest demand.”

In the CC100 program, students are given a benchmark assessment of their communication apprehension and public speaking capabilities. Students are then reassessed at the end of the semester to evaluate their progress and ensure they are able to communicate effectively. This course plays a crucial role in early development for students in the college’s Communication Studies program that was recently rated among the 5 best in the United States.

The program also consists of several instructors who are available for executive training. For more information, please contact Jane Pierce-Saulnier at

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