Expert to discuss Middle Eastern perspective

Communication Studies students and faculty invite you to join them for the Husam Algosaibi Political Communication Public Diplomacy Lecture, next Monday, September 15, 7:00 pm at the Bright Screening Room, Paramount Center.  Leo Hindery, trustee, author, political activist and Partner of InterMedia Partners will speak on the following topic: “Today’s Economic Scene: Nationally, Globally and from a Middle Eastern Perspective.”

The lecture honors Husam Algosaibi, a ’98 MA alumus of the Political Communication program at Emerson College who along with Prince Faisal Al Saud founded the Saudi American Exchange in 2001, the first grass-roots people to people public diplomacy project after 9/11, and a founding member of the Clinton Global Initiative.  Graduating from Emerson, Husam returned to the Middle East where he was a successful businessman and advocate for social justice. After his untimely passing last year, his family established this lecture and public diplomacy award to continue his legacy of human rights and global civic engagement.

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