Emerson Forensics has success at St. Anselm tournament

forensicsCongratulations to Emerson Forensics for their success at the St. Anselm tournament on Saturday! The team took 2nd place overall!

Here are the complete results:
1st-Dan Blomquist- ADS
1st-John Depa-Prose
1st-Daniel Dranoff-DI
2nd-John Depa-Novice Debate
2nd-Daniel Dranoff-Impromptu
2nd-Liz Ruddy-Poetry
2nd-Sam Durand-Prose
3rd-Cornilia Tzana-Prose
3rd-Kirsten Lyons-Persuasion
4th-Rosa Shields-Extemp
5th-Dan Blomquist-Impromptu
6th-Jordan Brown-Impromptu

Keep up the stellar work!

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