The inside scoop on the Globecom Project

The Globcom Project was a major test of my ability to lead, be creative, learn, and put the skills I’ve learned as a Political Communications major to the test. Working on a team of 27 people from around the world to create a nation-branding campaign is no easy task, and being responsible for managing a team of 8 in your home country does not make that task any easier. Being a policom major meant I had the knowledge to help build a great campaign and analyze the effectiveness of our communications tools. It also meant I knew how to engage various key stakeholders in government, business, and the public to truly make our nation-branding campaign comprehensive. I learned various skills in the marketing field and how to think and operate globally. Hence, I gained an even greater appreciation for diversity and the insights of others. Plus, meeting my teammates in South Africa and creating friendships after working so hard together, and winning, was an awesome opportunity. The Globcom Project was the perfect opportunity professionally, and something every Emerson student should do if they get the chance.
Donovan Birch Jr.

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