And the Honors go to…

The Department of Communication Studies would like to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS! to Political Communication majors Jordan Brown and Henry Krause, both sophomores, for their acceptance into the Emerson Honors Program. We are excited to have two of our own representing us in such an established and selective program. Keep up the good work!

Get to know your fellow majors:

Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown is interested in public speaking and writing. She is active with the Emerson Forensics Team and has received speaker and debate awards. In Fall 2012 she received the 3rd Place Lincoln-Douglas Novice Speaker Award at the Jack Lynch Invitational in New Hampshire and in Spring 2013 was a Quarterfinalist in Lincoln-Douglas Novice Debate at the Gorlok Gala Forensics Tournament in Missouri. Jordan was the 2nd Place Impromptu Speaker at the North East Regional Speech and Debate Championship, and she qualified for the National Championship Tournament for Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Impromptu.
Prof. Heather Erickson reports that: “Jordan has a natural talent for and understanding of the intricacies of competitive debate. She came to the team new this year and was quickly regarded as an up and comer on the debate circuit. We can’t wait to see what she has planned for next year!”

Henry Krause

  • Henry Krause loves the arts. Theater has been an especially keen interest, and he hopes to be involved (whether it be on the managerial or production side of things) later on in his life. “I also love food,” he says. “I can watch the Food Network’s ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ for days.”
  • Prof. Michael Weiler had to say: “Henry, a native Canadian, is encumbered with an unreasoning devotion to the Toronto Blue Jays, but has proved nonetheless an astute observer of American politics. We hope, however, that Rob Ford is not his role model.”





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