Spotlight on Dr. Angela Hosek

CC100: Fundamentals of Speech Communication—a course each student here at Emerson College is familiar with.  We all know it—the grab-bag speech, the persuasive speech, the group speech.  We’ve all taken it.  But why? Why is it important?  Well for the answer, we go to our very own Dr. Angela M. Hosek, assistant professor and Director of the CC100 Program.

To Dr. Hosek, having such a program here is just a given.  At Emerson, where we have such an emphasis on communication and presentational speaking specifically, a course like CC100 will always be relevant and vital to the College.  With a passion for communication throughout her life, she has been teaching and designing comm. curriculum in schools across the country.

Though she was born in Flushing, Queens, New York, she moved to Texas as a teenager and ended up attending Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas where she originally majored in psychology.  But communication quickly took center stage in her life after taking an introductory speech class, similar to the one at Emerson.  She was enjoying the class and getting great feedback and her teaching assistant suggested she switch to a minor in speech comm. From there, taking more communication classes just became the obvious choice.  So it was soon her minor, and then she took it on as a double major by her junior year.

Dr. Hosek taught her first introductory communication course during her senior year of college.  And she was one of only three undergrads asked to teach it!  And so began her career teaching intro comm classes.  She ended up staying at Texas State for her masters degree and continued to teach.  Upon graduating with her master degree she worked for an Aerospace Corporation in San Antonio, TX as a curriculum designer for their corporate university, building their Comm training program, incorporating personal communication, teambuilding and presentational speaking.  She continued this for about 4 years and also helped train the military and civilian workforce in Oklahoma City and internal clients in San Antonio and Winnipeg, Canada.  Meanwhile she remained an adjunct instructor, making it back to Texas State once a week to teach.  She still had that passion for teaching, but wanted to have corporate experience before going back to get her doctoral degree.

After doing some research, Dr. Hosek decided to pursue her doctorate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)—she just couldn’t stay away from that college atmosphere.  Her doctoral studies focused on instructional communication and interpersonal and family communication.  She soon delved into intergroup communication, which really opened her eyes.  She became so interested in social group membership and identity, how race, gender, etc. impact communication with others, specifically amongst students and teachers. She also has strong interests in exploring the family dynamic amongst LGBTQ families.   These studies have impacted her teaching today, and her development of even our CC100 program.

As a doctoral student at UNL, Dr. Hosek was the assistant and associate basic course director, naturally it made sense that she would look for these types of jobs upon graduation. And then a job opened up in Boston, at Emerson College.  She was drawn to Emerson by its creativity and uniqueness. She was excited to further develop the program, to work with students and faculty open to new ideas within the fundamentals course..  Since beginning at Emerson in 2010, Dr. Hosek is always asking herself how can we improve the CC100 program.  She questions, “what can we do to make this more relevant? Connect it to careers?  Make it more challenging?”  At Emerson, Dr. Hosek is happy to be working with students who have opinions on the curriculum and a dedicated CC100 teaching team  that understands the direction we are headed with the program.

As she continues to teach courses such as Interpersonal Communication, Research Methods, Learning Development, and CC100, there is much else that she plans on achieving during her time at Emerson.  She would like to see stronger emphasis on innovation and technology, with more of a focus on civic engagement, especially in CC100.  She would love the opportunity to create courses on intergroup communication and also explore the dark side of interpersonal communication.

Outside of the classroom, she is happily married to her partner, Tim.  She is a mom to 2 ½ year-old Lillie, and she’s got another on the way (Ayden Michael is due May 8th).  And of course there’s their black pug named Pug-Z!  When Dr. Hosek has the time, she still loves to dance, do crafts, and she’s starting to get into photography.

Dr. Hosek would also love to do some traveling again—it’s been too long!  She would love to do it as a family and tie it all back to communication, perhaps teaching abroad as well! No matter where she goes, Dr. Hosek takes her love and interest in communication with her.  We owe her and the CC100 Teaching Team for making the  Fundamentals of Communication Program what it is today and we hope she stays at Emerson for a very long time!


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