Alum visit

This past Tuesday, Dec. 4th, Emerson alum, Grant Denton, spent some time with the members of CPLA (Communication, Politics, and Law Association) and paid a visit to three classes: Argument & Advocacy (CC263), Presidential Politics (CC471), and Public Affairs (CC608). It was an exciting opportunity for students to meet a recent alum that is finding much success in the political world.

Grant Denton visiting Dr. Greg Payne’s CC471 along with Channel 4 reporter Liam Martin

Grant Denton earned his BA in Political Communication and MA in Communication Management here at Emerson. He worked in the Obama headquarters in Chicago throughout the election cycle in social media and helped to coordinate the messaging on various platforms for the President’s re-election effort. He is the recipient of the David P. Twomey III Public Diplomacy Award and interned at the DNC in Washington before joining the President’s re-election team.
Grant’s visit was also featured in Emerson’s News & Events.

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