Vital Voices @ Emerson

Alyse Nelson with student Nahla Abualula.


This past Monday, Sept. 17th Walt Littlefield Award recipient, Alyse Nelson, paid her alma mater a visit. Emerson was excited to welcome her back as she promoted her new book, Vital Voices: The Power of Women Leading Change Around the World. As President and CEO of Vital Voices Global Partnership, Alyse was perfectly poised to write about women leaders and the organizations’ work affecting over 144 countries over the course of its 15-year history.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Alyse said, “…there is no perfect time or perfect formula to lead change–one must step up to take a risk. The book drives home that message, along with the fact that leadership is not something you have to wait for someone to appoint you.” A powerful idea and one that everyone should endorse.




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