New iGrad Transition Leadership Program




During the month of August, the iGrad (international graduate) Transition Leaders will contact all incoming international graduate students before they leave their native countries to come to Emerson College. Directed by Scholar-in-Residence Cathryn Edelstein from the Communication Studies department, these iGrad Leaders, hired by Dean Richard Zauft of Graduate Studies, will answer questions, provide helpful information regarding preparing to move and live overseas, and meet with students once they arrive in Boston. The iGrad Leaders are international graduate students who have experienced the transition and can offer support and assistance as peer mentors. This is the first year this program is being introduced. As part of their training, the iGrad Transition Leaders have attended orientation meetings with staff from many departments within Emerson College to become informed about the various needs of these students. If necessary, they will direct the new students to the proper professionals to assure that correct information is being disseminated. The goal is to make the transition more friendly and less complicated for our new international graduate students.

*photo:  l-r  Gigi Huang, Nikita Sheth, Shan Lu and in back CT Nguyen

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