Cause for Applause


Those that have spoken to (or read emails from) our Department Chair, Dr. Richard West, are quite familiar with how proud we (the faculty and staff) are of our students and all that they regularly strive for and achieve. Moving beyond just praising, we seek to acknowledge and highlight their accomplishments so that they may serve as constant reminders of what our students are capable of and how they continue to affect their communities (local, national, and international).

That being said, we are proud to share the following:

Four undergraduate students (Brett Otis, Barbara Platts & Kierston Rudson & Katelyn Stone) had their panel accepted for the 2012 Eastern Communication Association’s McCroskey and Richmond Undergraduate Scholars Conference which will be held in Cambridge, MA this year. The panel will be chaired by Dr. Angela Cooke-Jackson. The title of their panel presentation is: Transitions that Transform: Social Media, Health Information and a Digital Health Manual

Four graduate students (Ran Zhao, Nazaire Massamba, Radka Zlatohlavkova & Shilpa Jacob) will present at the 2012 Eastern Communication Association Conference on a panel chaired by Cathryn Edelstein and Dr. Angela Cooke-Jackson. The title of their research is: Negotiating transitions: The shifting voices from our homeland to the United States – International graduate students’ experiences on an urban college campus

Two Communication Management Studies graduate students (Maha Alshoaibi & Tonia Watkins) had their papers accepted for the Eastern Communication Association Conference Poster Session. Maha Alshoaibi’s research is titled: Transitions, Passages and Journeys Ten Years after 9/11: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Veiled and un-Veiled Middle Eastern Muslim Women. Tonia Watkin’s research is titled: A Phenomenological Approach: Understanding the experiences of Trinidadian female trainers in the corporate training classroom. 

For each participant the competition was extremely rigorous. For this reason, all should be honored for their hard work and accomplishment.





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