Student Spotlight: Visit to SOWA

As a visual designer, it was a fantastic experience visiting SOWA’s Open Studios at 450 Harrison Avenue in the South End, with Prof. Cathryn Edelstein and my classmates from Emerson College. SOWA is an artist guild housed in an old brick building where around fifty artists fill an art village with extraordinary studios and excellent art galleries. The first Friday of each month, artists open their studios the public. It is a wonderful place to have a cup of espresso, enjoy the halcyon afternoon sunshine and interact with brilliant artists.

After having a delightful conversation with painter Stacey Cushner, Professor Edelstein’s sister, I was introduced to another inspiring artist whose sketch style is quite similar to mine. When I walked into his studio, I could feel his dedication to energetic painting. His studio is like a playground for curious children, and all of my classmates took pictures with his vibrant paintings since they really liked his POP ART style of painting. In addition, we also discovered a wire sculpture studio before we left; here in the wire studio, the principle of reflection was very exciting, looking at the shadows the steel wire sculptures projected on different materials like cement and glass. I still think about the shadows I saw, they were so interesting! Throughout the building, each artist created distinctive ways to express their art and I enjoyed each display.

As an International student in Boston, I deeply appreciated this opportunity to experience local culture. Attending cultural activities broadens my horizons and enriches my mind. In addition it allows me the chance to understand different aspects of culture. Undoubtedly, the SOWA trip was an unforgettable visual feast, it was inspiring and I learned a great deal.


Yann Tong

[Yann is a graduate student and contributing writer to our Department blog. – Sandy]



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