ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing)

Everyone laughs. It is a wonderful common denominator. Laughter is such an important form of communication that people had to invent acronyms and emoticons to express it via phone text or chatting online. ROFL is one of my favorite acronyms to use (and I use it unabashedly). As far as I’m concerned, a situation can’t get any better if you have reached the point of rolling on the floor laughing about it.

So, while we can all enjoy a good chuckle in the moment, how many people are actually mindful of the nuances involved in laughter? We know one person!

Our resident expert on laughter is Prof. Phil Glenn. His book Laughter in Interaction (Cambridge University Press, 2003) received the Outstanding Scholarly Publication Award from the Language and Social Interaction Division of the National Communication Association. We are excited to report another recent publication of his: a book review of Humor in Interaction. Pragmatics & Cognition, 19(2), 366-374. Thanks to his ongoing research on laughter, he has been asked to review this new book on humor, for a Special Issue:  Prosody and Humor, Eds. S. Attardo, M. M. Wagner, & E. Urios-Aparisi.







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