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“God, I love seeing teachers outside of school. It’s like seeing dogs walk on their hind legs.”

While you might not be familiar with the movie where this quote came from (Mean Girls, 2004), you can probably relate to it in some way. We spend so much time in school interacting with teachers as teachers, that it is often strange to be reminded that they have families, interests, and lives outside of school. In college, I had the privilege of meeting some amazing professors whose classes were challenging and interesting and I longed to learn as much as I could from them outside of school. In their fields of interest, professors are at their peak. Through passion for the subject and continually engaging in scholarly research, they become experts–insiders.

Assistant Professor Angela Cooke-Jackson (who teaches Intercultural Communication and Health Communication) had this tip to share:

I am interested to see how other scholar bloggers address issues of health and food politics. Here are some of the different blogs I love:

Roxanne Parrott – Talking About Health: Why Health Matters

Marion Nestle – Food Politics

Michael Pollan [author of The Omnivores Dilemma and In Defense of Food]

Barry Estabrook –Politics of the Plate [His book on Tomatoland is fascinating!]


Check out the sites above and let us know which ones you enjoy reading. And next time you have a chance to talk to your professor about more than just your next assignment, seize the opportunity–you never know what you will learn.






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