We are excited to use our new blog to connect to current and prospective students, parents, alums, administrators, and anyone else who is a friend and fan of the Department of Communication Studies!

The year has started off well with some interesting and exciting updates:

Dr. Angela Hosek’s co-authored article entitled, “Students’ Perceptions and Communicative Management of Instructor’s Online Self-Disclosure,” just came out in the newest edition of the journal, Communication Quarterly.

Dr. Greg Payne kicked off the semester’s list of engaging speakers scheduled, with the appearance of Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi in his CC280 Communication Theory class. Sultan Al-Qassemi is a major contributor to news outlets in the Arab Gulf region. He spoke about his work and his grassroots approach to information dissemination.

In addition to his role as Department Chair, Dr. Richard West, is also President-elect of the National Communication Association. NCA’s Annual Convention will take place in New Orleans this November.

Our many Student Organizations are in full swing again. The Forensics team has their first tournament of the year on Oct. 15-16.  The Emerson Pre-Law Society (EPLS) is currently working on establishing an attorney shadow program where students have the opportunity to follow a local attorney for a day or a week to see if they would like to pursue this type of career. The Communication, Politics, and Law Association’s (CPLA) annual NY trip will be happening in early November and the group has been invited for a dinner with the ambassador of Oman in Washington D.C. (also in Nov). These are just some of the exciting things happening with our student groups.

We look forward to sharing additional faculty and department-wide updates with everyone. Majors, we welcome your ideas and submissions!

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