Departments and Student Organizations Partner to Promote Sustainability

Emerson College Reusable Water Bottle

Photo credit: Suzanne Hinton

Hydration stations are water fountains designed to eliminate the use of bottled water by accommodating reusable water containers. Since phasing out bottled water in March 2012, 42 hydration stations have been installed across the college and more are on the way (list of locations). The stations not only save valuable resources and money, they also promote sustainability and send a clear, environmentally responsible message to the Emerson community.

Jon “Satch” Satriale, member of the President’s Committee on Sustainability and advisor to Earth Emerson, said, “the student groups, Earth Emerson and Emerson Peace and Social Justice, have been educating the Emerson community for years about the value and importance of access to clean, free drinking water and the destructive impact of the bottled water industry on the environment. Emerson’s installation of reusable bottle filling stations and the elimination of the sale of bottled water is a testament to the hard work of the Emerson students and the administration’s understanding of environmental sustainability.”

Water Bottle Distribution

Students distribute reusable water bottles during the fall organization fair.
Photo credit: Jon Satriale

This fall, six units at Emerson combined resources to research, purchase, and distribute 375 stainless steel water bottles: Earth Emerson, Emerson Athletics, Emerson Peace and Social Justice, Service Learning, Student Life, and The President’s Committee on Sustainability. Student recipients were encouraged to sign a sustainability pledge to commit to reducing their negative impact on the environment. Bottles were also distributed to all dignitaries and representatives who took the stage at President Pelton’s inauguration.

Between the installation of hydration stations and distribution of reusable water bottles on campus, the college has significantly reduced the sale of bottled water while maintaining access to portable water. The President’s Committee on Sustainability is currently exploring options to order additional bottles for distribution to the Emerson community.

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