Where Are They Going? Where Are They Now?

Where are they going? Where are they now? Road signs.


Matt Durham ’12

will be serving in New Orleans next year through the AmeriCorps program City Year. The program runs for the course of a school year, and corps members serve as mentors, tutors, and community leaders to provide volunteer support in cities all across America. Matt believe that New Orleans will present him with a new set of challenges and experiences, but he looks forward to learning and growing in a vibrant city he has never been to before. Matt is excited to carry on the lessons he learned throughout the past year working with both the Office of Service Learning and Community Action and the wonderful people from Alternative Spring Break.

Ruben Raskin ’12

will travel to San Jose, California in July to start a year of service through City Year! City Year is an education focused non-profit that places volunteers in high-need public schools. Ruben is excited to be working with kids and starting his teaching career. He is sad to be leave The Office of Service Learning and Community Action, as well as my Quidditch Team (The Boylston Berserkers), but thinks he’s ready to be an adult in the real world.

Gabby Tassone ’12

has accepted a position with City Year in San Jose. She will be moving to California in mid July. In the meantime, she is anxiously awaiting placement for the Peace Corps!

Paige Trubatch ’12

will be a summer communications intern with the nonprofit Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans. SENO’s mission is “to enable individuals to start and grow innovative, sustainable, results-focused solutions to social and/or environmental problems in New Orleans.” In October she will join AmeriCorps NCCC as a corps member based out of Denver, Colorado. Over the course of 10 months, she will live and work as part of a team to complete four service projects in environmental stewardship, energy conservation, rural and urban development, and disaster relief. Her projects will take my team across eight states in the Southwest and Southern Plains region of the country.


Kady Buchanan ’09

is now working towards her master of fine art in film and electronic media, focusing in documentary storytelling. Currently, she is working on her masters thesis, “Exile No More,” the story of the struggle of African Refugees, struggling to seek asylum in Israel. Stay updated on her project.

Caitlin Bueller ’11

is currently serving in AmeriCorps NCCC, a team-based service program that she like to describe as Peace Corps for America. Caitlin found out about this program while on Alternative Spring Break at Emerson in 2011 in Pensacola, FL. An AmeriCorps NCCC team was stationed during our stay and led the daily projects. The group was able to ask them all questions about the program for the entire week and by the time we returned to Boston, many of us were looking further into the program and applying to it. Caitlin has only been in AmeriCorps since February and it has already proved to be the most rewarding experience of her life so far, and it is definitely a great stepping stone from graduation to the real world.  She has met so many amazing people and seen and done so many wonderful things in such a short period of time. And, she believes that after this year, she will be a much better person who will be able to handle anything that comes her way.

Sarah Cadorette ’11

has been working with an innovative food justice organization called the Dorchester Community Food Co-op, which seeks to build a community-based alternative business model that provides access to healthy, sustainable food in a diverse and underserved community. She also been teaching English as a Second Language, and planning all sorts of domestic and international travels. Her next big trip is to India, where she will spend several months traveling, volunteering, and finishing the book that she began writing at Emerson.

Audrey Geis ’09

is completing her third year of teaching at a middle school in NYC. She plans to work for the new york city teaching fellows this summer as a fellow advisor to help train new teaching fellows so they’ll be ready to teach in the fall. She is also teaching yoga part time, which she loves!

Elliot Higger ’11

is in the process of writing grants to facilitate her “big idea” in creating social change through giving a voice to the unheard. She plans to use the (potential) grant money to filter through various like minded non- profits in an exchange for developing their social media: from videos to websites and graphics. Please visit the Sunny Mind Productions website for more information on what this project is all about!

Kendra Ryan ’10

is teaching Kindergarden at an inner city school in Delaware (and of course, thinking about/missing Jumpstart).

Joel Wool ’10

is an environmental advocate, freelance media producer, and committed ally of the Haitian community. While juggling several clean energy campaigns at Clean Water Action, he volunteers with GreenDorchester–a former employer–as well as two or three Haitian-led organizations, on food access, urban green space, transit justice, air quality and other initiatives. He encourages students, alumni, and others to get involved with local community groups and is more than willing to help make connections. Anyone interested in lending a hand, amplifying community voices through words, photos or video, greening the city or stirring up trouble should email him.

Lauren Yergeau ’09

has recently started as Marketing Manager at YWCA Hartford Region. This position gives Lauren the opportunity to enter back into the non-profit field she loves.

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