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Smalls kids can be cute, but they can also be exhausting! Signing up for Jumpstart at the beginning of the year, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. 40 hours of training. 300 hours of service in total. On top of everything Emerson was already providing me, the decision was much more impromptu than thought out. But, I did it because I thought I would enjoy it and I have done much more than simply enjoy it.

Christian Bergren-Aragon '15 with students during a Jumpstart session.

Jumpstart has been an amazing transition from Glenwood Springs High School in rural Glenwood Springs, Colorado to Boston, Massachusetts, the birthplace of America and a metropolis in it’s own right. The connections I have already made, the sense of family I have with my Corps team (Green Team for Life), and the life lessons that seem to just fall in my lap in this program are truly priceless.

A Corps member reading with students.

A Corps member reading with students.

An article by Nicholas D. Kristof was recently featured in New York Times about Occupying the Classroom and the importance early education is for people’s future. In his article, Kristof outlines how America should be putting more time, money, and energy into developing cohesive programs that help children develop at the same rate. The thought that I am a part of a program that is doing just that is one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever experienced.

Working with a team, relying on others to achieve a goal, and ultimately affecting a child’s life in a positive way is the nine to five work of a Jumpstart Corps member. And the work doesn’t go away when we head back to our dorms. We are constantly working to improve our technique, develop relationships with the children and families at our preschool, and preparing for sessions.

Students engage in a science activity during session.

Students engage in a science activity during session.

I have only been in the classroom five times and I can see that Jumpstart at Emerson College is a force to be reckoned with. Everyone takes their job so seriously, while allowing for a time and place to have fun, that the working aspect of the program seems as if it goes by in the blink of an eye. But of course, what makes my day is truly the children and all the great and intelligent things they say. We learn so much more from them because they seem to see the world clearly. They don’t see the fighting, they don’t see the politics, they just see the people.

I could not have asked for a better program to get involved with. I love what I do, I love who I do it with, and I love preparing children for their future. I am a freshman at Emerson College and I am a Jumpstart Corps Member.

Wanted to do Jumpstart this year? 
Good news, Jumpstart is hiring for the spring semester. Please make sure you can join one of our timeslots:
Monday/Wednesday from 2–6 pm
Tuesday/Thursday from 2–6 pm

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