Imagine a Jumpstart for Every Child

Last month, Jumpstart at Emerson College launched a reading program with Imagine Students Reaching Out, an on-campus organization with a focus on community service. Each Friday afternoon, ten volunteers from Imagine go to Dorchester Place Preschool to read and do educational activities with a classroom of five and six-year-old students. The readers program is Imagine’s only long-term volunteer project so far this year.

Jumpstart Corps member reading with a child.

Imagine kicked off the reading program with a lesson plan based on Eric Carle’s classic children’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Each volunteer had an opportunity to read with two or three preschoolers, participate in poems and games in circle time, make a caterpillar life cycle chart, and make their own butterflies in the art center.

“Imagine’s partnership with Jumpstart has been an all around positive experience,” said Imagine Co-President Mariele Ventrice. “Imagine began this alliance as a way to get involved with children in the Greater Boston community with the goal of promoting literacy and education. So far, working directly with the kids at Dorchester Place has been a rewarding and fun adventure for everyone.”

The program, facilitated by Jumpstart Volunteer Coordinators Jeannie Hannigan and Sara Murray will continue through the Spring 2011 semester.

“Implementing a weekly volunteer program is an easy way to give these preschoolers the extra attention they need,” said Hannigan, “Engaging volunteers the Emerson College community is such an important piece in Jumpstart’s mission.”

This is one of many volunteer projects organized by Murray and Hannigan, whose goal is to connect the community with Jumpstart through direct service.

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