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Should Emerson Have 7:00 a.m. Classes?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Before you pass judgment, read the brief article below.  It was published in the online Chronicle of Higher Education on June 14, 2011.

Students With Later Classes Get More Sleep, but Also More Booze and Lower Grades.

College students whose classes start later in the day tend to sleep more, but also consume more alcohol and have lower grade-point averages, according to study findings that will be presented today at Sleep 2011, a meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. The study, led by two psychologists at St. Lawrence University, in Canton, N.Y., surveyed 253 students about their sleep and class schedules, substance use, and mood, among other data. It found that “night owls” were likely to get more sleep than “morning types,” but were also more likely to binge drink, and that their grades were moderately lower. The authors speculated that drinking more alcohol reduced the benefits of getting more sleep. An abstract of the study is available.