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CITL Answers – November 2012

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Question: Lately I have been hearing a lot about community. How can I bring community into my courses?

Answer: There are many options and assistance is available. Through collaborations with Emerson’s Office of Ser­vice Learning and Community Action, faculty can enhance their courses by establishing relevant exchanges with established or new community partners. Students engage with community partners through volunteerism, and then students relate their experiences back to the course. Levels of community involvement range from engaging with partners one time to multiple times across the semester. It is not too late to enhance your Spring 2013 course. Contact Suzanne Hinton, Associate Director of Service Learning:, ext. 8774. Visit the Service Learning and Community Action webpage:

I told the students to go to the writing center!

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Are you seeing completed assignments that don’t match what you expected, but you told the students to go to the writing center?  It’s a common complaint among faculty.  Faculty may give very detailed instructions to students about the required assignments, including encouraging students to make use of campus support centers.  But, writing center and other learning support staff can assist students only in so far as the assignment instructions are provided to those support staff – and, the earlier the better.  Support staff can best help students when there is sufficient time to review the assignment, assess where individual students need the most assistance, and then meet with students to improve the products.