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CITL Answers – October 2010

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Question: Sometimes I wonder if my teaching techniques help students learn.  What can I do to find out?

CITL’s Answer: We know that students must take responsibility for their own learning.  Your role as teacher is to establish the conditions that best facilitate learning.  One way to find out if your students’ learning is helped by your teaching is to ask them.  But, if you think students might not be forthcoming about what helps or hinders their learning, you can request a Mid-semester Student Feedback session.  Turn your class over to Karen St. Clair, CITL Director, for about 30 minutes.  She will gather students’ anonymous and voluntary perspectives about how the teaching has facilitated their learning, or about possible changes in teaching that might enhance learning.  Karen St. Clair summarizes the feedback and privately shares it with you.  To find out more, e-mail, or call ext. 8246.