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CITL Answers – February 2009

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Question: “Having plagiarism detection software would make the detection process so much easier than it is now.  Why not invest in the software?”

CITL’s Answer: McLafferty and Foust wrote that “[p]revention of plagiarism is preferable to policing papers.” I have little doubt that most of us would agree with their statement.  To have more valid evidence of your students’ skills and knowledge and to minimize time spent on policing papers, design assignments for student work that cannot be found on the internet.  For tips on how to create meaningful and plagiarism-proof assignments, or for cost-free ways to investigate plagiarism, contact Karen St. Clair, x8574.  Or consult McLafferty and Foust. (McLafferty, C. L., & Foust, K. M. (2004).  Electronic plagiarism as a college instructor’s nightmare-prevention and detection. Journal of Education for Business, 79(3), 186-190.)