Visual Identity

Exemplifying a Creative Force

Through Design

Our new brand comes with a powerful and expressive new visual identity. The guidelines below introduce you to the key facets of this visual identity system, and will help you to create collateral that authentically represents Emerson’s profound impact in society. Use them as a frame of reference to ensure that your visual communications always look and feel unique to Emerson. As the Emerson identity evolves, these guidelines will be continually updated and enhanced to ensure that our approach remains fresh, compelling, and vibrant.  

The Office of Marketing asks that, in this time of brand transition, uses of the College’s logos and marks be reviewed before a project enters production. We look forward to assisting you. 




The Emerson College logo is represented by the wordmark below. The logo is our signature and stamp of quality; it represents us at the very highest level and is vitally important to our identity. It is, and should always be, the most consistent component in our communications. Wordmark components are always placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified, or reproduced in any way, other than as they are shown in the official style guide. The logo has three states, depending on when and where it makes sense to use a specific wordmark combination.


The stacked Emerson wordmark is our primary identifier, and the preferred version of our logo—especially for more formal or externally facing usage. It represents the College in fullest context, whenever it’s necessary or beneficial to do so.

2. stand-alone

For communications and materials that may be more primarily internal in nature, or in cases where there it provides a functional or visual benefit, this stand-alone version of the wordmark can be used.

3. college lockup (web)

A horizontal version of the wordmark may be used in areas where vertical space is limited. It would be ideally used on the Emerson website.

Logo Color Options






The primary logo should appear in the colors and combinations shown here (our core Pantone 267C, Pantone Warm Gray 11, or Black), or reversed out of a color field in white. There are a few more rules that apply when using the institutional logo. To learn about scaling, spacing, and more, please consult the full Visual Identity style guide. 


The logo images featured here are examples only. For high-quality image files of the Emerson College logo that can be used in your projects, please contact the Office of Marketing.


Our color palette is composed of both a primary and secondary palette. The Emerson purple remains at the core of our visual identity; it is now an updated hue that infuses our brand with the same creative energy that drives our community: Pantone 267C. The two other colors in our primary palette, white and warm gray, add modernity to the palette and allow our core purple to shine. In most cases, we encourage you to lean heavily on the primary palette, but there are cases where our secondary palette of accent colors adds flexibility and variety, helping you create bold visuals and tailor communications for different audiences and occasions. We advise only using the secondary colors sparingly.

Primary Palette

Pantone 267C

CMYK: 76 97 0 0

RGB: 98 38 158

HEX: #62259D

Pantone Warm Gray 11

CMYK: 52 53 59 24

RGB: 112 98 89

HEX: #706258


Secondary Palette

Pantone 2695

CMYK: 87 96 40 44

RGB: 47 26 69

HEX: #2F1A45

Pantone 2735

CMYK: 97 100 8 10

RGB: 48 43 125

HEX: #302B7D

Pantone 526

CMYK: 67 98 6 1

RGB: 117 47 138

HEX: #742F8A

Pantone 3255

CMYK: 64 0 32 0

RGB: 76 193 187


Pantone 2995

CMYK: 80 12 1 0

RGB: 0 168 225

HEX: #00A7E1

Pantone 1925

CMYK: 2 100 62 0

RGB: 232 25 77

HEX: #E8194D

Pantone 382

CMYK: 29 1 100 0

RGB: 196 214 0

HEX: #C3D500

Pantone 116

CMYK: 0 18 100 0

RGB: 255 205 0


Pantone 1665

CMYK: 0 73 98 0

RGB: 252 76 2

HEX: #FC4C02


Separate from the Emerson logo, the flourish is a supplemental graphic element that helps to visually emphasize the concept of creativity, one of the core tenets of our brand. Clearly created with a human touch, the viewer can imagine the flourish being drawn in a moment of inspiration. It is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to amplify the brand. Learn how to use it below. The flourish may be used to complement the College’s identity, within the context of a broader design for various forms of brand collateral. It is not a logo.


The primary flourish is our preferred version, but in certain cases the restricted version is appropriate. Please be sure to contact the Office of Marketing if you need guidance on which version you should be using.


The primary flourish is our preferred version, but in certain cases this restricted version is appropriate for more narrow usage, such as stationery or for specific application. Please be sure to contact the Office of Marketing if you need guidance on which version you should be using.

Here are some ways the flourish can be cropped and used as a supergraphic.*


When used vertically, it’s best to place the flourish at a larger scale (a zoomed-in version), while still retaining a sense of an “E” shape.


When used horizontally, the flourish works best when zoomed out, and showcasing more of the full “E.”

You may also use the flourish as a photo treatment.

How to use & placement

When used, the flourish is a dynamic, expressive mark that speaks to the spirit of Emerson and its community. Filling it with photography is an effective way to reflect the College’s identity within the mark. Note that the flourish has a center line within the “e” shape. The subject of your photo should be placed as close as possible to this center line to make sure the image is readable within the crop. Please contact the Office of Marketing for guidance prior to using the Flourish presented on this page.


When approaching photography, we encourage you to choose images that convey candidness, energy, interaction, collaboration, inspiration, and a rich sense of place. Keeping these specific qualities in mind will help ensure that our images are consistent, compelling, and on-brand across all subjects and situations.

As you choose photography for your projects, keep in mind the following aesthetic goals:

Candid & Energetic

At Emerson, students learn and grow as much outside the classroom as they do inside. Our campuses and the surrounding cities exude nonstop energy, life, and excitement. Our campus and our creative community shine through these photographs.

Rich Sense of Place

Images in this category capture things that are unique to Emerson and its community. Here we focus on the fact that, through strong connections, Emerson’s reach extends throughout the country and world.

Deep Interaction & Collaboration

No matter the discipline, our classrooms and studios serve visionaries who create change and improve, enliven, and inspire the world. We skip routine shots of academics, instead making sure that we demonstrate how our people enthusiastically and naturally interact and collaborate.


Whether it’s a compelling portrait, shots of  a rehearsal, or captured moments on and off stage, this unique photography style, used in special instances, will elevate the idea of inspiration at Emerson through bold light and energetic compositions.

_DSC9030_DSC8403 (3)_DSC9949EVVYS, student, students, male, equipment, camera, audio, microphone_DSC7517 (1)DSC_2292EMR-1124_050316_DSC7697EmersonAerial (4)

E X A M P L E S 

Need photos for a project? Contact the Office of Marketing for access to our photo database.


Consistent and unique typography helps unify our communications and conveys a sense of cohesiveness across all forms of media. See below to learn about the three typefaces of the Emerson brand. 


avenir next

Emerson’s primary sans-serif typeface is Avenir Next, which is meant to be a visual expression of the modern relevance and impact the College can have on today’s world. It offers a wide range of weights that can be applied to both large headlines or display type and smaller body copy. It can be used in tandem with Sabon (see below).



Emerson’s serif typeface is Sabon, a classic style that helps convey the College’s integrity and rich history. This typeface can also be applied to both headlines or large display type and smaller body copy. It can be used in tandem with Avenir Next (see above).

Alternative Sans-Serif (Limited Use)

ff din ot

FF DIN OT is our alternative sans-serif option and should be used sparingly. It is best used when featuring a bold headline or for placing more emphasis and effect on certain areas of content.

Still have questions? Contact the Office of Marketing with your project requests.